Editor’s Letter

February 11, 2011


This issue marks the first effort of a new semester’s group of student journalists. As I review it before going to press, I’m struck by a couple of themes. One is snow. Go figure. The second is a greater focus on campus events, with more hard news stories, fewer features. Journalism has sometimes been termed “a first draft of history.” At this juncture of Landmark’s history, it makes sense that student journalists want to record the stories that matter.

In a culture where Lindsey Lohan and Glenn Beck sometimes receive as much air-time as financial challenges and ongoing wars, it can be easy to disparage the journalistic enterprise. Yet recent events in Egypt and other nations in the Middle East remind us that a free press is essential to liberal democracy. There is a reason that a free press and the open exchange of information is the first target of dictators seeking to cling to power—something brought home to us with particular emphasis last week as we watched thugs rough up Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper in Tahrir square.

One of the best ways that Landmark’s student journalists can make good on the idea that journalism matters is to put out a top-rate publication. We begin this semester with a heightened focus on quality, on breadth, and on deeper, more investigative reporting. We’re committed to publishing bi-weekly, and to updating the news regularly online.

You can help in this by taking The Independent seriously, subscribing to its online edition, sharing it with friends, and giving our reporters and writers your ideas and your feedback.

This spring’s belt-tightening will have an impact on our press run, with fewer print issues produced and available. (Breaking news—“Print Journalism Jeopardized by Rising Costs.”)

Because of this our online edition will be richer, more timely, and more extensive this spring than before.

As always, thanks for reading, and let us know what you think.

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