New Plan for Smoking Areas

February 11, 2011


Smoking at Landmark is big, and a lot of people here smoke. But there are also a number of people here who can’t handle smoke due to their asthma. Certain restrictions have been placed on smokers because of this. The restrictions are there to give the people who want to smoke the ability, and to give those who wish to remain smoke-free due to asthma or personal choice the ability to do so as well.

The current smoking restriction is twenty-five feet from the eaves of the buildings. Now that’s pretty broad, but it’s hard to follow sometimes when the wind is blowing and you are trying to stand by the building to block it. Now a new system is in the works, headed by Mrs. Stanley, the RD of Frost, to move these areas to designated “butt huts” throughout campus (see the black numbers on the map). According to Mr. Swinton of Middle Hall, the idea for this plan has been in the works for two years.

Mrs. Stanley’s mission is to make this campus cleaner. This project won’t take effect until the start of next semester,  because the cost to build these butt huts is about one to two thousand dollars, because each has to be handicap accessible and of course weather proof and meet the fire code.

Mrs. Stanley also stressed that this would take a total faculty and staff commitment to this because this new policy is for every smoker on this campus not just the students. Now Mrs. Stanley wanted to point out that this isn’t her attack on smokers and that she isn’t trying to make this smokers versus non smokers, just that she wants a cleaner and healthier campus for those whose bodies can’t handle smoke and let’s be honest we who smoke make that choice… those with asthma didn’t choose that.

Studies show that most people don’t start smoking until college. That being said, Landmark is a little different. Students here are on average more impulsive (ADHD) and more willing to try new things to fit in. And people with learning disabilities on the whole are more likely to become addicted due to their personality, again ADHD and other learning disabilities. And that is why more students here smoke on average than most other colleges. And because of this fact the faculty/staff want to clean up this campus due to the exorbitant amount of cigarette butts and help keep those who don’t want to or can’t smoke, smoke free.

One Response to “New Plan for Smoking Areas”

  1. Mrs. Stanley Says:

    Great Job on the article, this is a positive step in my mission!