Looking Ahead: A Year of Planning Starts

September 29, 2011

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By Eli Miller—



With new leadership comes new hope.  With a new president in office, Landmark is looking toward the future. Although this issue comes too early in the planning process for any details to have emerged, The Independent is committed to covering the strategic plan as it unfolds. Here is a preview.

President Peter Eden has stated his primary goal is “to further solidify Landmarks place as a leader in LD Education.”  Eden has made it clear that the effort must involve the whole community, and that it is not his plan alone. Still, the broad outlines for future directions are in place.

There are plans for expansion, plans for development, and plans for classroom enrichment including online courses, potential new degree programs, and efforts to increase student enrollment.

Last semester the quota for student enrollment was not met, causing great concern for the college.  In light of this and the strong dependence of the schools funds on student enrollment, discussion of increased enrollment has intensified.  While increasing enrollment is not a new idea, incentive has increased and expansive actions are now more developed.

Additionally, there has been much discussion of a new science and technology building.  A $7 million budget has been proposed for this project, with the goal of opening up the possibility of having programs such as video-game design, computer science, and health and life sciences.  The building is intended to be built on the west side of campus with state of the art sustainable technology.

Another goal for Eden is the rejuvenation of on-campus activities, including, but not limited to sports.  In fact, at convocation, the president put forth the idea of providing cash to students for program ideas and functions and shared his hopes of starting a lacrosse team and plans for a new sports field.

Eden believes that expanding and enriching the current Landmark community and college program will attract more students and directly affect a widening student population.  Although nothing is concrete yet, the president is clearly going places and plans to bring Landmark along.

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