Advisor’s Note

October 31, 2011

Editorials, News

          Mac Gander

       This issue marks an important change in how The Independent covers and produces the news. After serving as the editor and production manager for the paper since its inception, I am giving over these tasks to the student staff. Our new masthead reflects this change.

 I’ll still be teaching the class, of course, and maintain an advisory and oversight role. But editorial, production, and distribution tasks will now rest with students. This is an exciting moment in the development of The Independent—not the last step in the process of creating a true student newspaper at Landmark, but a watershed moment.

 We also plan now to go to a weekly production schedule, and to work to update our website regularly, as stories are completed, rather than waiting until the print edition is done. Our plan is to “put the paper to bed” every Thursday, with website publication happening Friday, and the print edition distributed on Monday. This will allow us to cover news and events in a more timely fashion, and also, we hope, to be more relevant to the ongoing life of the Landmark community.

 I urge you to subscribe to our online feed by using the RSS button on our home-page. I also encourage you to contact us about news stories, send us letters, comments, and opinion pieces, and in general to help us make the paper as interactive and vital as it can be. In this issue, we publish an Op-Ed piece by Chris Baker, a student who is not on the regular staff. We hope to see more work like this in issues to come.

 My thanks to the students who have made this transition possible, particularly the four editors at the top of the masthead, but all the students who have stepped up to take charge of essential production and editorial roles. It is an honor to work with them.

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