Submit your Overheard at Landmark

November 1, 2011

Overheard at Landmark

Everyone's fair game!

Everyone's fair game!

We are introducing a new regular section in the Independent- ‘Overheard at Landmark’. This is a place to record snippets of conversation that you hear around campus. Please keep all quotes anonymous, but if possible do include the place, date and time that you overheard it. No making things up please. Everyone or anything is fair game- just keep it PG! We will post the best ‘overheard’ quotes we receive here in the next issue of the independent. Please submit your quotes using the comment function.

Thanks all!

3 Responses to “Submit your Overheard at Landmark”

  1. Bradley Gardini Says:

    “Did you know there is a Bacon flavored lipstick?”
    -Heard at DCAS on Friday 12/2 at 3:50

  2. Lizzy Says:

    male-“so did you hear that BK re did their fry recipe”
    female-“yea I did they seem good”
    another girl-“what are they made out of, because some restaurants make apple chips”
    male & female at the same time-“they’re made of potatoes otherwise they would be called apple fries”

    -heard in EAB 12/1/11

  3. Cameron Says:

    “I didn’t qualify for Financial Aid ’cause my dad just had to be a f@#king doctor!”

    -heard in EAB 12/29/12