Food on Campus

January 26, 2012


By Mohamed Alsedairy–

Food on campus, a lot to talk about. There’s a lot of variety, hours of service, spices, meat, vegan, and gluten-free options, trays or no trays, wastefulness and recycling. Why? Is the food not good? Is it how it’s cooked?

The Landmark community approximately has 500 students plus 100 faculty and staff. In order to please every one of them, you would need individual chefs for everyone!

I asked myself, if the food is really as bad as people say, then why is the cafeteria always packed and plates are always full? Most times, you even see the same people going back to the food line for more.

When I asked several students about the taste of food in the cafeteria I got different answers. Some said that they like the food up there, and some said the opposite.

Some just say that Landmark food is bad because that’s what other people say.

Some express how much they like Chef Nancy, who makes delicious, personalized plates such as the veggie stir-fry, or the omelet, and the crepes on Sunday night.

In my experience, the food is served most of the times unseasoned or lightly seasoned, but this is likely because everyone has their own favorite flavors, so the cafeteria allows us to add seasoning to satisfy our own taste buds.

Landmark College has two good cafeterias. One is located on the upper campus in Middle Hall and the other, in the Student Center on the lower campus.

The eating area on the lower campus is more like a café, and is called the Café Court.

Many students like to eat at the Café Court because the food is prepared to order. The Cafeteria has more selection but in my opinion most items are rather plain until you add spices.

A lot of students say that they miss food back home, as they call it “real food.” However, when some students go back home, they often eat the same food that they do here which is primarily from fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.

The staff at the upper campus dining hall are very committed to the LMC community. Students often have conversations with the dining hall crew and not just small talk, but getting to know one another by name type conversations. They bond.

Of course, the crew does its best, but unfortunately students do not always appreciate their special efforts.

For example; I heard students say, in reference to the Chartwells staff, that “they don’t care, they just put the food out and wait until their hours are over and then leave.”

Yet I personally have experienced the more prevalent, meaningful bond type relationship. One time, when I was in the dining hall, I reached for the tongs to grab some fries. One of the kitchen staff told me to wait a minute because there was a new tray with fresh fries ready to be served.

He could have easily waited until I took the old fries before refreshing them but he told me to wait until he could return with the fresh ones.

The complaints of a few may be loud at times, but do not seem to match the good things said or the positive moments I have experienced while dining at Landmark College

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