Column: Let the Good Times Roll

February 22, 2012


By Matt Bloomberg


Last Friday’s bowling trip to Brattleboro Bowl, hosted by the Campus Activity Board (CAB), had a record turnout, with 43 students attending the trip. For only five dollars, students had three hours and eight lanes all to themselves, on a night that was full of great music, dancing, and, of course, bowling.

Many students chose to bowl competitively, with the high score of the night nearing 200. Others were just as happy joking around and enjoying the atmosphere. Either way, the night was full of entertainment.

The off-campus trips that are hosted by CAB seem to be having quite an impact this semester. And the record-setting amount of attendees on Friday night’s bowling trip seems to stand for something much greater than just the number of kids attending.

Not just here at Landmark, but at many colleges, students seem to have a pre-conceived notion that school-hosted off-campus field trips are not a wild enough way to be spending their Friday nights. However, it would appear that at least this semester, this is simply not the case.

Emily North, the Director of Activities and the person behind this event couldn’t be happier with this semester’s new turnout. “It’s the best part of my job,” said North, when asked about the record-setting turnout on Friday. “Overall, we’ve had huge turnouts for most events this semester.”

Students can find out about upcoming school events through student digest emails, the intranet home web page, or the student calendar.

Could off-campus field trips now be considered the new cool here at Landmark? With numbers like these, you might have an argument.

2 Responses to “Column: Let the Good Times Roll”

  1. Stella Says:

    The off campus trips are another way to see the commitment Landmark has to its students both on campus and off.”
    What matters here is that a bunch of kids take advantage of opportunities to get together socially and interact in a way that is not study related. Landmark and Emily North are the “New Cool” to me.

  2. Caryl-Ann Nieforth Says:

    Sounds really interesting! Would like to try the next one.