Tricia Stanley Moves Out… And Back In

October 25, 2012


By Rankin Dam

In the Spring of 2008, Tricia Stanley became the Resident Dean of Frost Hall. Now, after four years and a subsequent ten semesters, she is stepping down from her role as a beloved RD and moving down the hill to the Alumni Office. She has been promoted to Associate Director of Alumni Affairs. Even though October 2nd was her first day on the new job, she is staying on hand to fulfill her RD duties until the end of the semester.

Stanley has been serving Landmark College much longer than her time as an RD in Frost. She actually started during the summer of 2006 as an RD in the Transitions Program. Immediately after this, in the fall of 2006, she was the RD of Middle Hall. During this time, she became the head coach of the women’s basketball team and the coordinator of the Women’s Center.

Tricia Stanley

Photo from Landmark Website

Tricia’s Landmark career has also been very prominent during the summer sessions. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, she was the Head Resident Director of the Summer High School Program. In the summer of 2009, she was the intern assistant to the Dean of Students, personally organizing many of the summer programs and the new student orientation. During the summer of 2010, she was hard at work finishing her Master’s Degree in higher education, and thus only took on the duties of RD for the visitor’s program. In this past summer of 2012, she was the daytime coordinator for the summer high school program.


Tricia herself has ADHD and dyslexia, so she knows the hardships of struggling through college with such dysfunctions. She stated that she didn’t hear about Landmark until her senior year in college. In her junior year of college, she made the decision to help students with learning disabilities. This decision brought her to Landmark College, where she hopes to help individuals with learning differences. She has furtively expressed her enthusiasm when it comes to helping the students of Landmark College. This is a community that she wants to be a part of, and she is constantly surprised at the amount of loyalty the students have for the school. She recalls Q, Shawny Moe, Ms. Samarro, and Mr. Garcia when they were students at the college. This was very different from the other schools she attended and worked at.

Student Affairs is working hard to replace RD’s of both Aiken and Frost. Under normal conditions, there is an annual cycle set up to hire new RD’s when the need arises. However, if there is an abrupt opening in the RD department, as is the case of Aiken Hall, the process is compressed from five-months to six-weeks.

As of October 2, 2012, the Student Affairs Office had thirty-five applicants. They were in the long-distance interview stage. They have predicted that they will have a new RD for Aiken and Frost before the current semester ends. ♦

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