The Campus Guide: Inside Landmark

December 7, 2014

Campus Activities, Food & Culture

By Benjamin Somin

Its a small world at Landmark, but it’s worth exploring. This guide is a good place to start.


Dining hall – The dining hall is more than a place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a place to catch up with old friends or make new ones. The food Is fairly typical cafeteria fare, with a few local touches, but there is a wide enough variety of options to put together a meal that fits your needs. The staff are always willing to talk about what you do and don’t like, and take requests and suggestions for the future.

Café Court – The Café court is a nice alternative to the dining hall for a quick bite to eat in a laid back atmosphere. There are often specials on the menu designed based on student feedback, so don’t be shy about engaging the staff on the subject.

Bookstore – The bookstore has all kinds of snack options and much like in the dining hall and café court.  The staff are always looking for tips on what students want to see on their shelves.  There are some great refrigerated options such as the Indian food, and Thai food from local establishment, Anon’s.


Chumley events – The Chumley B kitchen is often hosting weekend gatherings with home cooked food, and even outdoor bbq events when the weather is warm. Anyone who wanders over is welcome, but it’s first come first serve and the food goes fast.

Clubs – Student led clubs on campus are a good way to explore your interests while meeting new people, as well as helping to break up the routine of classes and homework. Clubs on campus cover sports, arts, entertainment, and community groups.

FAB – The Fine Arts Building is one of the most interesting meeting places on campus, with a gallery displaying student and faculty work, to spaces for music, dance, yoga and drama, and regular events such as guest speakers, theater performances, and art exhibitions. Those taking classes in the arts also have access to all kind of facilities and materials outside of class time.

Radio Station – The radio station is a media hub for the campus and all students have the opportunity to be trained as a DJ or be a guest on an existing show. Also anyone looking to contribute to any other club or event by helping to promote it on air is encouraged to speak with DJs or managers of the station.

Meditation Room – This little known space on the second floor of the student center is set aside as a quiet space for meditation, reflection, and spirituality.

Game room – Located in the basement of the student center, the game room features a lounge with couches and a tv, billiards, ping pong, darts, and arcade games. It’s a good place to kick back with friends or meet new people.

Click Center – The schools athletics complex features a basketball court, pool, fitness room, and locker rooms. Many campus sponsored events are held here, in addition to home games for the basketball team.


Trails – With trailheads by the Bridges and D lot, the landmark campus trail network, which also connects to the ropes course, provides a place for a  peaceful stroll or a serious workout, and helps to keep students, faculty and staff, healthy and in touch with the beautiful Vermont environment.

Views – one of the true gems of the landmark campus is in fact the campus itself, with views from upper campus that show off the Connecticut  River valley below and colorful sunsets every evening. Don’t forget to take a moment each day to stop, look up, and take it all in.



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