February 7, 2017


By: Natalie Davis and Leah Coppola

This year’s poetry slam was a total hit, with quite a few speakers and plenty of attendees. The passion and drive displayed by the student and guest speakers present made for a lively event. The supportive attitude each speaker had toward their fellows made for an extremely positive atmosphere.

First prize went to Ryan November for his poem about racism and police brutality. Jeff Marcano took second with a piece about human trafficking, and Natalie Davis came in third with a freestyle performance about racism and equality.

The event was judged by a committee of teachers and guest speakers. The speakers’ ability to grab the audience’s attention and interest was a testament to their skill. Notably, the poetry slam managed to bring out some of Landmark’s more reclusive students. Having several of these students perform was icing on the cake. Overall, students, guests, and faculty alike had fun with the poetry slam, and hopes are high that next year’s will be just as successful. The following two poems were among the top three finalists.♦

Everything will be ok (Pimp’s point of view)

By Jeffrey Marcano

Everything will be ok because…

I am your ever saving grace

I saved you from the tightly gripped world that can choke the life right out of your face

I am your world, just like the sun rises every day you do too

I am your clock, nighttime does not come until I say it does

I am your provider of wealth, I’m the king and the streets are my palace

I am the one who holds the key to your safety. I decide whether to keep the door open or lock it when you want to come back to the safe haven

I have the power to forgive your mountains of debts

I will give you comfort when you are in fear of the outside world

I am the sole provider in the partnership
Your worries are mine and my worries don’t exist

Life is not in existence without me being present

Your visibility holds no bounds on my reach

There is no need to try to run because I will be there in one leap


Everything will be ok

“All Lives Matter”

By Ryan November

July 6, 2016 was the day I finally broke

One of the many reasons I had to stay woke

Altrez hit me up sayin bro did you see this video

Im usually on top of things, but this thing I didn’t know

Philando Castile????

I can see that the name doesn’t ring a bell

He was pulled over and asked for his license

No foreshadowing of him laying in his car lifeless

Shot infront his 4 year old daughter and girlfriend

Imagine them witnessing their world end.

I’d be here all day if I listed all the names of people who died for no damn reason

Just cuz a cop got trigger happy and started squeezing.

Your probably here looking at me thinking “why is he so mad”

The fact that you seem clueless is truly kind of sad.

No lie I watched that video about 20 times and it still fucks me up.

I remember Coming from the bar under the influence

Looking at my surroundings tellin God “No More! I can’t do this.”

In the back seat of this car, quiet with anger

Jamal said Ryan you gotta let it out

But how could say I always felt my life was in danger

I cried rivers in that back seat.

And I’m ashamed to say it

Because Where I come from Men don’t cry as my dad proclaimed it.

Hashtag AllLivesMatter


You wouldn’t say that

If you realized that you could die over a taillight that wasn’t fixed

Don’t get me wrong not all cops are bad

But people failing to see the reality, is what really makes me sad.

For the simple fact that a cop can take of his uniform

But this perfect skin color of mine will forever be worn.

No matter I dress, speak or obtain many degrees.

I’m scared that when I see those flashing lights in my rearview

My skin color is all the cop will see.

Hopefully I can continue to live for today

Because I have people that help me look forward for tomorrow

I know they love me because, their ears they let me borrow

Terrible pain in my heart from all this sorrow

Mom always expects me to lead
And never follow.

I feared that i’d be in a church for my funeral before my own wedding

From a bullet that did its own needle and threading

Mothers in the church Crying instead smiling

Wake me up from this bad dream of innocent people dying

I pray to God for bullet proof skin daily

To prepare myself for gunshots

i choreograph moves like Alvin Ailey

I can’t go back to the Bronx

Because people get shot 41 times for holding up a 9 millimeter wallet.

Just stop it

Who knew I would end up in a place

Where I wasn’t the majority

I guess you could say minority

Where some friends are not a priority

When it comes to blue and white authorities.

Marc stay droppin knowledge,

Told him I never really had white friends until I came to this college

Black Lives Matter

You say you support it

In my face, that’s nice

But do you say it when I’m not around?

Tell me


Who’s willing?
Who the fuck am I supposed to call in danger, when the police are doing all the killing?

All lives matter!

This is true, but you wouldn’t say that shit

if it was happening to you


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