Landmark Celebrates Shark Day on February 15

By Dawn Brewer

Landmark College  is a home for the Sharks! On February 15, Landmark College hosts Shark Day where everyone will be able to participate and have a fantastic time celebrating their own school pride. There are many different events that you can take part of, whether if it is on campus or elsewhere. You will be able to wear your Landmark College gear for the entire day, and during lunch time spend time to explore the different fun activities at the Alumni Dining Hall. If you are a sports fan or enjoy cheering head on over to the gym to watch the Sharks Basketball Game in the Click Center at 4:30pm. Lastly, don’t forgot to show your love for Landmark College by posting your photos make sure you enter #LCSharkDay on all of your medias, or you can make a statement of gratitude to the LC Facebook page Alumni Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram. Who doesn’t love prizes, so wear your best LC gear and have a best selfie! Let’s go Sharks, We rock!

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